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The plugin is extremely easy to install. After downloading and activating it simply works. A Bible reference in blog posts and pages is picked up instantly. If the user hovers over the reference the text of the reference is displayed.

Great plugin extremely suitable for religious websites!

Rudy Brinkman

I have long waited for a plugin like this. It works very simple. The BibleLink plugin is available in a couple of languages and different Bible translations. The team of the plugin is actively working on the plugin and more languages and Bible translations are constantly added. 

André Scholten

For several weeks we have been using the GlobalRize Bible Link plugin on our website, which makes the Bible texts to which we refer light up. Previously, we used to quote the Bible texts (we still do!) or we always linked to online Bibles, which sent the reader to another site and had to switch back to the subject they were studying. Because we want to start from God’s Word in everything, we make extensive use of Bible texts and adding links is time-consuming. This plugin therefore has advantages for both the reader and the writer of the articles. I had already experimented with this system, which I had seen on other websites, but it didn’t work. With a few directions from GlobalRize it was soon done. We are very happy with this plugin, which makes the Word of God more accessible. And that’s what we’re all about! Hebrews 4:12

I am very pleased with the Bible Link plugin and it is wonderful for the visitors of the site.

Simon J. Stamhuis

Bible references with hyperlinks to an online (Dutch) Bible was on our wish list for a long time. And now BibleLink comes with this great solution for many articles on, one of the biggest Christian websites in the Netherlands. Visitors also seem to like it. The plugin is used tens of thousands times a year.

Our focus at ‘Israel and the Bible’ is to reach people with God’s Word. Our primary goal is to give back the Bible to the Jewish people, because it is their spiritual heritage. Our hope and prayer is that through the Scriptures they will meet their Jewish Messiah, Yeshua. We also want to teach fellow believers about God’s plan for Israel as revealed in the Scriptures. Therefore we are very happy with the service that BibleLink provides. It really helps people delve into God’s Word when they read Bible studies on our website.

David van Wijck

I’ve been waiting for a plugin like this for quite some time. BibleLink Multilingual exceeded my expectations.

  • It just works. Not much configuration is required.
  • It supports many languages, and the support team is willing to add more when requested.
  • The plugin’s ability to recognise Bible references is impressive. Both full references and abbreviated references are recognised.

 There have been plugins like this before, but after a couple of years, the developers usually stop supporting them. In this case, it seems like the plugin author is committed to supporting this.

 Overall, this is a great plugin.

Lenois Stander

I had tried a few similar plugin before BibleLink Multilingual. This one worked best for my homepage. The support is a true blessing. They added my requested German abbreviations and also a second German bible translation. And they helped me with making some adjustments for my website. The feature itself is super helpful for devotional or exegetical christian texts. The reader can look up bible references super quick.

Mattis Fichte