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Your contribution in the form of reactions and suggestions is very important to us.

GlobalRize’s Bible Link plugin is a wonderful tool for spreading God’s Word. The plugin is enjoying growing interest among website owners and readers of those sites. The plugin has an international character with support for a large and still growing number of Bible translations in many languages. 

Much has already been achieved in a short period of time and that has been made possible by the contributions of the many stakeholders within our organization. 

But it can be even better and more beautiful! That is why we invite you to also contribute to the further spread of God’s Word.

How and who? Please read the suggestions below. 

Possible contributions:

1. Intellectual property owners

Intellectual property owners of a Bible translation can contact us to grant us a license to add their Bible translation to Bible Link.
In return, we can promote the intellectual property owners and their translation and provide usage statistics.

2. Owners of websites and users of the plugin

  • Could write a review that can be published on this site
  • Could suggest an additional translation.
  • Could report names of websites in which they would like to see the plugin used
  • Could submit proposals for functional improvement of the plugin

3. Potential new plugin users and website owners

If there is no Bible translation available for your language and you would like to have a translation in that language for our plugin, you could help us find that translation and provide limited help with its implementation. We are happy to explain what that means without any obligation.

4. Otherwise

You may have other creative ideas to contribute. Let us know!