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Bible popups on your website

BibleLink is a very easy to install free plugin for your website, that automatically detects and converts Bible references into hyperlinks. When the user hovers over such a link with the mouse, it will show a popup with that Bible verse. BibleLink supports many languages and Bible translations.

Examples: Genesis 1:1; Juan 3:36; Rom. 12:11-12




BibleLink is fast, lightweight and served by CDN.

Fully customizable using CSS

BibleLink works out of the box. Have a great idea for a new design? No problem. BibleLink is fully customizable using CSS.


Completely free

Our goal is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the internet. Therefore you can use BibleLink free of charge.

Supports all modern browsers

BibleLink works with the latest browsers, so your visitors can have the best experience.


What users say

The plugin is extremely easy to install. After downloading and activating it simply works. A Bible reference in blog posts and pages is picked up instantly. If the user hovers over the reference the text of the reference is displayed.

Great plugin extremely suitable for religious websites!

Rudy Brinkman

I have long waited for a plugin like this. It works very simple. The BibleLink plugin is available in a couple of languages and different Bible translations. The team of the plugin is actively working on the plugin and more languages and Bible translations are constantly added. 

André Scholten


Frequently Asked

What is BibleLink?

Many pages on the internet mention Bible texts in the form of a reference to such a text. An example is: John 3:16. The free BibleLink plugin will automatically convert these references (Bible book, chapter and verse(s)) into a hyperlink.

How does it work?

When the user hovers the mouse cursor over the link, the plugin will show you a small popup window showing the Bible text. 

What are the advantages of the plugin?

A visitor of your websites can read a Bible reference easily, without opening a new site or tab. He can maintain focus on the text.

You, as an editor of the website, don’t have to copy Bible texts into your article. After installation, all you have to do is write a reference to that text. The plugin will do the rest.

Can I use BibleLink for free?

Yes, absolutely. You can use BibleLink, for non-commercial purposes, free of charge.


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